Yorktown Civic Association
  A neighborhood association in north Arlington, Virginia.

Isabel's Aftermath

Board Members Meet With Yorktown Neighborhood Residents

Arlington County Board Chairman Paul Ferguson toured the Yorktown neighborhood and met with residents on Saturday, Sept. 27, recovering from a week-long power outage in the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. Joining Ferguson were fellow Board members Barbara Favola and Walter Tejada, along with County Manager Ron Carlee and a representative of Virginia Dominion Power company.

Ferguson took questions and met with residents from the Yorktown Boulevard/Brandywine St., Edison/30th Street and Florida St./25th St. areas of the neighborhood. While nearly every resident of the neighborhood suffered at least some outage from the storm, residents in those areas suffered outages for the whole week. They expressed several concerns to the community leaders.

While the residents were quick to praise the hard work of the crews that worked around the clock to restore power, a recurring theme was that the power company contributed to the severity of the outages by neglecting routine maintenace and ignoring needed repairs.

Special thanks go to YCA Executive Committee member Ted Weihe for urging Chairman Ferguson for making the site visits and for hosting the meeting in our neighborhood.

Storm Damage at Brandywine and 27th Street

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